Constant Tease!!!!

I am so frustrated I have been horny for about three days and even if I take care of it myself it doesn't help. My wife constantly teases me by playing with me a little then stopping or telling me of some crazy hot dream she had and then not doing anything about it. I have told her that I am sexually frustrated and all she says is sorry then nothing. Yes she is pregnant and I do everything for her and take care of her every need but even before she was pregnant we had sex rarely and the only time when we had sex a lot was to get her pregnant. I have needs too. I have done everything I can for her constantly and all I ask for is the occasional relief and relaxation. I know this might come off a little mean but I just got teased severely for half an hour and guess what nothing happened. I understand this is a sexless marriage group but we have sex so rarely it feels that way!!!
nicro15 nicro15
22-25, M
Sep 6, 2012