Magazine ( Story Retold )

A man was very much ordinary , he had a family but something was missing.His marriage was sexless. One day, as he was communting, he was flipping the pages of a magazine..Wow! beautiful women, so he thought why not..and he went all the way to the address mentioned. On arrival, he met few women, looking a bit too much with make-up and cheap dress. Still, he went to the foyer. Dark and gloomy.Here, a woman was waiting, she looked nice ushered him to a room.
No lights, suddenly a nude woman appeared and jumped over him.flash! pictures were taken, he didn't remember what happened. But, it sure was a big disappointment. He had even bought a new coat for meeting his love of life :))
After a week, he got a sealed envelope. He slit it open, to find his pictures with that woman, and below a note was written..if you fail to give us what we want..we will detroy your life.
He got really nervous and paced up and down. Suddenly, his phone rang and a voice told him to deliver 5000 cash at a certain location, after that line went dead. Now, that meant trouble, so he went to the store bought couple of batteries and wires etc.. went home. He then left for the location with a packet, as he approached the venue, the woman appeared and motioned him to take a seat. He was getting nervous, he left the packet on the bench and walked away.
The scammers, hurriedly collected the packet and drove away in their car, as the car was turning around the bend, an explosion occured. All were killed.
The average man had placed a hand made bomb in the parcel :))
Later, that evening, the wife told him about how people are turning violent and someone had blown a car near the park area.
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reminds of me of a Jeffrey Archer short story ;)