Out Of Gas (or Getting Back At Wife By Getting Screwed By A Guy)

The idea occurred on the day Jay could take the sexual starvation and frustration from his wife no more and he was looking for a way to get back at her. Get that last laugh and not give her the power to make him miserable. He wanted desperately to tip the scales. To take some kind of power back. He needed a loophole because he couldn't bare the thought of cheating on her with a woman and he'd be a terrible liar if he tried and she knew that. So he was trapped. forever to suffer her whims.. unless…. it was with a man, surely that couldn't really be considered it cheating. it'd be like jacking off with another you. It was win win. He wasn't cheating with another woman, he'd get to stick it to her by laughing at the soon to be useless attempts to sexually starve him and he'd get release and that secret he COULD lie about. That idea lasted 5 minutes because he didn't know how. However, that was going to change all of this because his unfortunate or fortunate luck of running out of gas as having to jog to the nearest gas station through what he discovered to be some kind of sex forest hang out. (But we'll get to that point soon enough.)

It was a sunny day and he was on his way to pick up a new pair of jogging shoes before heading to the gym. Despite such weather it didn't translate into a sunny disposition for Jay due to the fact once again his wife and her sexual power plays left him denied any kind of sexual release. At first he tried getting with release with olive oil and a cucumber (something that was turning to be a very pleasurable moment between him and said cucumber), olive oil was the perfect lube and cover, but his wife interrupted him with a message the sports shop called and his shoes that were on order arrived.

He sighed, even the sound of her voice was a buzzkill now. His frustration was becoming a major distraction. As a result of such distraction Jay forgot to put gas in his tank which resulted in his car sputtering in the middle of a forest forcing him to pull into an empty parking lot in a secluded part of forest. "Great. the day just keeps getting better AND I forgot my phone." he mutters. Just then he sees a cyclist riding by. He waves the guy down and asks if there's a gas station nearby. "Actually you're in luck." The cyclist says. "If you stick the road it would be about 10 miles but as you're on foot you can actually cut through the forest. It's about a mile and a half tops. I'd offer a ride but as it's a bicycle and not a mountain bike…. "No problem." Jay replies "I can jog it. I'll consider it my pre workout work out." With that they wrap up their conversation and the cyclist heads off.

Jay begins jogging in the direction of the gas station. A light pace. The ground is soft. The air is flowery and pleasant. His mood begins to lighten as his swinging **** rubs against his shorts. A pleasant sensation as his **** begins to harden. He wonders if it's possible to *** if he runs at this pace long enough. His **** goes from semi hard to raging *****. Obviously if he was in public it would have been embarrassing. But in the forest with no one around, letting the soldier stand at full mast while jogging became a game of rubbing to ******. His balls started churning away and due to the previous stimulation they were already warmed up.

As Jay's **** was getting harder he heard a noise that sounded like someone struggling. So he slowed his pace and stealthily headed towards the source of the sound. It appeared to be emanating over the next mound. as he climbed up he saw a group of four guys in some kind of small crater or pit in various states of ecstasy. They were sucking or ******* each other. One said.. "Looks like Lux isn't showing up today or he's late. Too bad, he's a real pro and I really like what he does but we've got to head back before anyone notices we're missing." With that the grunting and pace quickens. Transfixed he watches as each one takes turns blowing their loads… one from being ****** and blown at the same time, one from doing the *******, one from being blown and the last was a blow job jack off combo…. jay watched as the loads shot. His **** twitched as if it were his *** shooting. "Ahhhhhh the last one says with a smile. thanks guys now it's time to go." They quickly get dressed and head off in the opposite direction. Before he can process what just happened he hears a voice from behind… "From the way you're holding your **** you enjoyed what you saw." Jay turns around embarrassed to see the cyclist. Hi my name is Lux. I was supposed to be here but am late because of the bike… however it looks like my luck held out. So shall we?

Jay's mind races trying to find the appropriate response. Busted watching other guys and with a rock hard **** from jogging or otherwise it's not like he can deny anything, plus he needs release. But he's never done this before. So what does he do? Smiles and takes off his shorts. "NIce package." Lux grins. "Let's go over there where the trees are grouped in a way that can serve as a bench or give us something to grab onto." As Jay walks over and turns around Lux's mouth is immediately on his ****.

Jay's thoughts races through an entire spectrum of emotions: should I run? Stay? It feels so good. Will i have to reciprocate? can i?" His train of thought is broken as Lux says "hey… you really are ready. you greased your hole with olive oil already? bend that *** over." At this point Jay's mind slips into dreamtime as he realized never had a chance to clean up before heading out the door. It's not like he can explain it's not what he thinks it is and does he really even want to?

Rock hard and not knowing what to anticipate jay complies… a feeling of excitement and fear. Fear which immediately disintegrates and is replaced with lust the minute he feels luxe's pole and flaring cockhead begin to penetrate and work it's way in.

Mmmm…. you feel nice and snug. I'm gonna have to take my time with this and with that Jay's descent into anal pleasure was complete. Lux was a pro, he took his time and tortured jay with pleasure with the way he did everything to him. Lux would slowly dragged his **** out of jay's ***, the friction was like a magical electricity on the nerve endings surrounding his sphincter. Sending a shock of pleasure and when it also massaged his prostate the pleasure literally took his breath away. Jay gasped and tried to suck in air as Lux's insistent cockhead ******* his insides senseless continually massage the base of Jay's **** causing it to twitch with pleasure.

Jay's **** head produce a steady stream of leaking **** that quickly went from clear to a milky creamy color. Each bang against that gland created an orgasmic twitch that would make him pump ***** from his **** without actually having a complete ******. Keeping Jay hard, on edge and at the command of the man who was plunging into his ***. Jay couldn't help it but he began to whimper and moan like a *****, like some **** loving ***** who was a slave to the person giving the pleasure. He was helpless to fight it. He braced himself against a fallen tree and focused on what appeared to be nature's answer to a glory hole for a horse. His eyes got watery and clouded up then closed and roll to the back of his head as the intensifying pleasure caused him to arch as back and tilt his head up and back as if trying to open himself wider and accommodate the reaming he was getting.

Each thrust, each stroke was a mini ****** that brought him so close to blowing his entire load it became a tortuous game. Part of him wanted the release and the other part wanted to continue to savor the pleasure. his **** was leaking non stop now. his *** was primed and ready… he felt as if his *** were actually HUNGRY for the **** that was ******* him. EACH knock on his back door was like ringing a doorbell of pleasure.. ding dong.. make some more ***…. ding dong ding dong… leak it and try to keep from blowing the load. ding dong ride that edge… ding dong to *** or not to ***…. package delivery for YOU. He was grateful for this moment. never in a million years did he think he'd do something like this and as it was happening the pleasure he was experiencing felt too good to be true. yet here he was. Bent over and bracing for the constant onslaught of an unforgivable and insistent **** and just as he didn't think it could get any better Lux reached around and started jacking Jay's **** while pounding him. if before the pleasure was 100x better than expected THAT just got multiplied by 10. There was no way he could keep from ******* now.

Jay could feel the ultimate load that had been begging to come out after months of no release getting ready to surge forward…Lux whispered.. "I know you're close but I have a lil surprise for you. Go ahead try and shoot that load…." Jay hearing what felt like permission to *** made his **** kick eagerly into overdrive. Lux pounded jay's *** and stroked his ****…. here comes that familiar twitch before the monster contraction and at that very moment Lux jams his **** all the way in pinning it against jay's prostate and pulls jays balls down away from his **** as he's stroking him.

The pleasure hits him like a live wire. His eyes widen before they shut closed bracing for the wave. His **** twitches and begins to pump and pump and pump…. while he flails his head back and forth grunting. Lux jacks furiously. The pleasure just keeps coming, Jay keeps pumping but what should have been a monster load yields just a little and he's still rock hard and aching for release. He feels like he's got an even bigger load waiting to explode.

"You like that?" Lux say's. "A little trick i learned. If hit your insides in the right spot you get the orgasmic pump going but I keep the load in your balls as I block it from completely coming out and as a result you stay hard and can *** again. NOW you are ready for some serious *******" and with that begins pounding Jay's ***. Jay begins to grunt. a ******* sneer comes over his face and beads of sweat begin to trickle as his *** hungrily devours Lux's ****. The feeling of balls, spanking his *** and slapping against his own balls is a new discovered sensation. His **** still hard he manages to open his eyes and look at it's spewing a constant stream of ***** and *****.

Each thrust in his *** with that **** pounding his insides pressing against his prostate sends shockwaves of pleasure. Pleasure that manifests itself by producing a leaking stream of *** each time that **** hit's the magic spot. Pushing a bit of the previously trapped load in him as his nuts keep churning. Producing more fluid to leak his body working at a fevered pitch to make more… Lux is actually milking the *** out of Jay. The seed spits out of his **** to land on the leaf covered ground beneath him. the growing pool of liquid his **** is producing makes him leak even faster…. his **** can't.. won't stop leaking and he loves it…… he has been mastered by a **** and experiencing a pleasure he has never known. The pool is bigger than the biggest load he's ever shot and he hasn't really even *** yet. What's going to happen?!

Lux's pumping begins to take on magical dimensions. The rhythm of the pounding, the grunting and sound of his **** and balls slapping against his ***. He can feel Lux's is getting close so he starts pushing against him trying to let Lux get deeper inside him and he starts clenching to hug his **** and keep it inside. Tightening his *** to make him *** faster. Jay can also feel the pressure beginning to build in him.. His **** that was once a constantly leaking pipe, now a free flowing ***** machine is about to become a breaking dam as his **** begins to do it's familiar twitch.

The surge builds. Lux's balls begin to tighten and he says "**** yeah i'm gonna cuummmmmm" and with that Jay pushes back but a bit too hard; causing lux to fall back, fortunately landing on a log that now serves as a bench…. this additional thrust mixed with the thought of making someone *** and feeling the seed pumping deep inside pushes Jay over the edge.. "I'm ******* too.." feebly he tries to scream out as he is sitting on Lux's lap impaled on his **** but his voice is cut off as his ****** hits, choking the air out of him.

A burst of *** spurts into the air, jets of ***** stream upward….oh.. my…. god he strains to utter as the *** shoots from his **** straight into the air. he **** so hard and it shoots so high it paints his belly and chest and on its' descent lands in his mouth. instinctively he swallows… spent he cannot protest or celebrate the fact he just swallowed his own seed or has been ridden for the first time. panting and heart racing his head lolls downward to see the carnage of pleasure covering his stomach and flowing down his ****, over his balls to drip onto the **** beneath him and finally find it's resting place on the soft earth. All because he ran out of gas…
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Jan 11, 2013