Sexless Marriage

About 17 years we marriage , about 1 year ago she stop sex.
she wants divorce but I love her and my children.
I try sex with her but she say we are only friends!
Im not her friend , Im her husband , why she stop sex!!!
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I am in the same position but if you read my story you can see that there are ways around this to make you feel a good deal better. Sex is great with the right person and that person does not need to be the person you married. In my case it certainly is so much better with someone else and then I can return home to enjoy the companionship and other positive aspects of a marriage. It takes a while to embrace and understand but it just get better over time and I believe that everyone ends up happier. I am.

Hormonal changes can naturally kill sex drive to the point that the body won't even cooperate. This can be treated. However this sounds more like she may have fallen for someone else because it sounds like her feelings for you have been squashed. If she isn't even interested in going to counseling and learning to communicate and fix the relationship it often means you've been replaced. Sorry. You and your kids deserve an unwaivering committment.

I wish there was somethimng that men could do about this. After all this is breech of contract, isn't it? Men work themselves sick for their women giving them a nice home and all the things they want and what do men get in return?? We get a bunch of excuses why they can do WHAT THEY PROMISED. Put the shoe on the other foot and if the man decided not to provide money, houses, vacations, cars, his *** gets put in divorce court and his money magically disappears along with his hopes and dreams. What a great society we live in!

If you can prove there is infidelity you can sue the other person for alienation of affection and it often works.

i have been married 23 and a half years, no sex in last 6 years. bet i haven't gotten 6 kisses in those 6 years, either.

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Ask her and don't get angry no matter how she responds. Ask the question calmly and then walk away and think about what she's saying (tell her you want things to get better so you are going to think about what she has said) and then come back and ask her some questions. Use "I" language. Don't say 'why don't you want to have sex with me anymore' but rather "I want to have sex with you and I want to know how you feel".