Older/Younger and Sexless!

I am 49 and my wife is 20, also, I am white and she is black..Our relationship started off FANTASTIC (or so I thought)...We clickd on all levels, sex was out of this world and almost non stop (for a few weeks), then our sex went down to once a day for a month or so, then to once a month for aout a year, now, 3 1/2 years later, it is about 4 times a year and not very good for either of us! We have trust issues as well, I have NEVER cheated on hr, and she says she has not physically cheated although she admits to internt relationships. She hides her cell phone useag, text/chat and internet useage as well..And THAT is where my trust issue stems from. We fell in love very quickly and so much of what she told me about herself was not true. She says she thought we were just a fking, so the lies did not botheer her, then when she fell in love with me, she did not know how to fix it!...I fell in love with her beauty, intelligence and promise....She is still beautiful and intellignt, but NOTHING has been bourne of the promise I saw in her!...There is about a million other things, but maybe moree later....Thanks for letting me vent...Ohh...this NOT a "sugardaddy" thing..she defininately is not in it for my money..LOL..LOL..LOL!!!!!

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1 Response Feb 15, 2009

I just thought I would let you know that I have endured a very similar situation with my wife. We started off just as you did and after out only child was born it was ll over. No sex, hugs like brother and sister and now 15 years later here I am. I am lonely, uncertain of what is "the right thing" stay or leave. So think this over it won't go away unless BOTH of you want to work together, in my case it is just me who is willing to go to Therapy, etc.