Rejected Again

do'nt know why I stay, almost left 2 years ago. Sex maybe once every other month then I'm bitter for having to take care of myself in a cold,touchless, sexless marriage.  When I do get the "green light" I'm told to put it in from behind,no touching talking,kissing...cold huh?

Looking for something(someone) new, I tell her I want someone else,she laughs with a wry smile.

dying here..


SpitzO SpitzO
41-45, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2009

She has no respect for you. You tell her you are unsatisfied and want someone else and she laughs at you. She has no respect for you and believes she is all you can get so she keeps you down. Well she may not have any respect for you, but you must have respect for yourself. My advice is to never instigate sex, let her do it, and in the mean time begin looking for someone else. Don't hide it, look for someone out in the open. Even ask your wife if any of her friends would be interested in you. Point out women and say what about her. She keeps you down because you don't have the nerve to go out side the marriage. She has all the control and has socially castrated you. A man shouldn't have to live like this. If a woman withholds sex in a marriage, she should be prepared for her husband to cheat. The bottom line is, if she had sex with you, you wouldn't cheat.