Our Second *********!

This Hot Wife is dreaming about more than just her husband’s ****! The husband seems to like her idea, so he invites a friend of his to take part in a very hot *********!

My wife Juliet loves me and says that she adores my **** very much. We do enjoy sex nearly every other day! She has very long, thick, nearly black hair. She has a slim, firm body, her small firm breasts with perky nipples have a lovely, very desirable shape. She had a nice flat tummy and a hot well formed ***** with beautiful lips and a cute little **** inside her soft hood. She has always attracted men, their eyes hungrily caressing her sexy body when they see her walking down the street.

We’d been together now for a month, since the incident at the Airport Hilton in Orlando1. We have sex as ofter as I am able to perform for her. She wants it every day, usually twice, at night and in the morning. If I cannot perform with my ****, I can always satisfy her with my lips and tongue. So you can see that we enjoyed sex a lot.

I was the second man she fell in love with. She had lost her virginity when she was 19 to the only other man she has ever had sex with. This guy ****** her over so bad, that it was years before she gave herself to another man sexually. And this was finally after knowing each other for nearly a year. She has missed out on so much sexual living that she now has a huge sex drive and she hasn't been without sex a day since. She tells me daily that I'm her best and now only lover. This obviously pleases me, but I know she need more, and is thinking back to the night she arrived at the Airport and we wound up in a ********* with the bellman, Richie.

One Saturday night when we were making love, she asked me what my favorite fantasy was. I said that my fantasy was to have sex with 2 women at the same time, watching them make love after I am worn out. She smiled and said that she thought that would be my answer. Then she told me that her fantasy was to have sex with two men! “Like we did with Richie at the Airport hotel. She then asked me whether I ever really want my fantasy come true. I said “Yes darling, I would.” She blushed and confessed that she would also like her fantasy to come true. I said I would be happy to help here satisfy her dream! Her next question was:

“Do you know another man who could help my fantasy come true?”

I knew the answer, of course; my close friend Jim! When we were in West Africa, we would often share a woman. That was a lot of fun! He was always hungry for sex and he had over 9 inches of very black ****, of which I had always been envious. Juliet had met him of course, but was unaware of his marvelous endowment. I said:

“I do, so are you sure that you want your fantasy to come true?” At this moment, I was ******* her really hard, so she just nodded and screamed out:

YESSSssss! Coming with me when I climaxed deep inside her. We didn’t discuss the subject any further that night. There was one thing she really loved about my lovemaking with her, which was how I stiffened my whole body as I ********** deep inside her! She knew it and she definitely loved it. Giving her every drop of me is what she wanted and she made me feel wild, young and complete. When I came, she convulsed with her usual strong ******. After that we fell asleep her head on my shoulder, beautiful hair spread across my chest.

The following morning, while we were having our coffee on the patio taking in the river:

“I think we should try something new.” She smiled at me.

“You really want a ********* with me and Jim?”

“Yeah, babe, I think we should try it, but not if it hurts you! I don’t wanna upset or disappoint you, honey. I am also ready to have a ********* with Amanda, if that makes a difference!” she said.

I thought for only a moment, thinking that she had read my mind and really knew that I wanted it. I also knew, of course, that many married couples, had already experienced something like that! I only pondered for a seconds. 'Amanda was Juliet’s best friend, she was a blonde with a body to die for, and I’d had a few fantasies about her.' I replied:

“OK. Deal! So when?”

“How about this weekend?” She asked: “We can use the following week to recover!” She blushed and smiled at me.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, “I’ll call Jim. I think he’ll be excited. He’s always had a “thing” for you from the first day you met!” Juliet just laughed out loud.

I called Jim and arranged to meet him for a drink on Wednesday evening. He promised me that he would not have sex until he came over to be with her. Juliet and I also curtailed our sex games. Juliet found out that Amanda had had sex with Jim and thoroughly recommended him, which encouraged Juliet to look forward even more to the day.

I arrived home on Saturday a bit earlier than planned. We had a light meal, about 7 pm; we both had a shower and got ready for the evening’s pleasure. Juliet had shaved her ***** hair and it was so clean and smelled nice! Her bra and panties were coated under a tight sweater and a black skirt which left enough to the imagination to titillate anyone. Jim arrived at 8 pm, he greeted Juliet with a kiss and shook my hand, and he seemed a bit nervous. We went into the living room that overlooked our patio and the Banana River. I made vodka and tonics all round, and soon Jim’s nervousness disappeared as we talked. The conversation was, unsurprisingly, about sex. Jim soon realized that Juliet was an inexperienced woman and started getting nervous again. Juliet sensed it and kissed him saying:

“Don’t worry, Jim, I know that you have something I’ve always wanted,” and she put her hand on the bulge in his jeans. That got things started as Jim kissed her back and they began stroking each others bodies. Then she suggested moving inside. We had prepared our bed in the master bedroom. Jim and Juliet began undressing each other immediately. Jim groaned as he saw Juliet in her best sexual lingerie for the first time:

“Oh, God! You’re so beautiful, Juliet!”

He unhooked her bra and removed it. He was beside himself as he caressed and kissed her sweet breasts. He then allowed her to remove his briefs, revealing his heavy ****. It was Juliet’s turn to gasp as she looked at it and she knelt to kiss the monstrous head. It was huge! It certainly didn’t faze Juliet, she loved giving oral sex, and I was amazed when she managed to get the whole thing in her mouth. I could see her tongue working and she moved her hand up and down the shaft. Gradually she engorged at least 6 inches into her mouth. After that, it was classic sucking, tonguing and ************. Jim groaned. I was naked too and hard, my nearly 8” **** looked puny when compared to Jim’s. I could hardly control my excitement at the thought of seeing Juliet take his monster ****. I wondered what it would be like to enjoy her after Jim was finished. I was afraid that after such a thick ****, she wouldn’t even feel mine inside!

While Juliet sucked Jim she fingered her ****, I moved behind her and watched as she teased her ****. It was now protruding from beneath the hood and she used two fingers to excite it. Her vagina was leaking now; her clear love juices were seeping out of her and dripping everywhere. She liked being wet, which is also the way I like her to be. I also was sure that his long thin **** would slip easily into her without damage. Finally, Jim gave a cry:

“Stop, stop! I am gonna ***, hold up, Babe, I wanna **** you!”

Juliet let his **** slip out of her mouth. “OH! Do it then!” she panted, and then she moved up onto the bed and spread her lovely legs. Jim stared at her wide open ***** lips. He moved quickly with his jet black **** in one hand. He was quickly between my wife's legs and with little delay he mounted her. Jim, acknowledging my presence, leaned his body back, so that I could see his **** enter my wife for the first time. I have to say, there was not a sign of Juliet tensing up, as the bulbous head of Jim’s **** pushed at her eager *****. She actually lifted her sexy bottom to greet the longest **** she had ever had. It slowly enlarged her hot wet vagina opening and disappeared inside. Juliet sighed then made a noise I had never elicited from her lips as she looked at the manhood taking control of her body! Jim continued pushing and his **** penetrated deeper into Juliet’s willing body. After a minute or two she began to moan, she didn’t always reach ****** while having sex with me, but all the signs were that she was getting there now. Jim's strokes were now deep and fast. He was ******* her vigorously, Juliet wrapped her legs around him, hooking her heals below his *** cheeks holding him into her as tightly as she could. She also dug her nails into his back. She was demanding:

“More, give me more! **** me harder! **** me faster! Jim obeyed, but shortly, with a shuddering groan, he He froze in place, his **** as deep inside of my wife, as humanly possible. He came! Juliet clung to him as tightly as she could with arms and legs and had her ****** with him. Jim didn’t stop, Once he balls were empty he began to stroke gently into my wife's sated *****. He wanted to keep on going, but he couldn’t; his **** softened and soon slipped out of her. He flopped down on top of her gasping for breath.

“Oh! That was great!” Juliet said. She was all red, perspiring and kissing Jim frantically. She glanced at my **** and rolled her lover off.

“Come on, my darling Romeo!” she offered herself to me. I moved quickly between her open and inviting thighs and entered her. As I pushed in, I felt her tighten her **** muscles. I also felt the hot wetness of my wife's love juices and Jim's *****. She was all wet outside too as hot juices squirted out around my ****, down her *** and onto the bed. I had not had this feeling since the night with Richie. The feeling having sex with Juliet, with another man’s *** inside her was indescribable. I sloshed around inside her; it was the messiest sex I had ever experienced. I know I came faster than usual, and Juliet cried out in ecstasy and came again or at least she pretended to. I felt her convulsing, her vagina muscles squeezing my ****, forcing more of Jim's *** out. Jim patted me on the back:

“Damn, that was some ****, man, what did it feel like?”

“It was great, buddy!” I exclaimed.

After that we had some rest and refreshments. My insatiable wife wanted more, and Jim and I took turns doing our best to satisfy her all night. I lost count of how many times, but in the morning she claimed to have had sex with Jim 6 times and with me 3 times. She said that she really loved the time with Jim inside her ***** while she was sucking me. Next time I told her that I wanted her to be on top of Jim and I will take your tight little bottom. She said:



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Damn! That was hot! If you ever need a new bbc, hit me up.

Yes, we most certainly did! I love eating other men's ******** from my woman more that just about anything!

Thank U so much!