My Submissive Wife...

misty waits…

she sat comfortably naked on a pillow, her feet shod with 4" red heels and tucked under her ample ***, arms resting comfortably on her thighs, palms up. It was 6:00 p.m. and she began to imagine Him coming home. His text message told her to be ready for some playtime when he got there. she always felt a void when He was gone. she longed for Him especially badly today.

she was becoming anxious; her heart seemed like it was beating 300 times per minute. she had butterflies in her stomach and they seemed to be caught in a hurricane. she could feel herself becoming moist at the thought of His arrival and what He had planned for her. The moistness between her thighs gave her a special warmth that traveled throughout her body. They had been together 20 years and she still relished His touch, His attention, His power, His protection and His caress. In fact, she cherished these things now more than ever. she felt most safe when Master was with her. There was no better feeling in the world. she loved Him like nothing else in the world, as He loved her.

After receiving His text message, she had gone to the bathroom to make herself presentable to Him. she made sure that she was cleanly shaven, as this was His preference. her make-up was perfect. she straightened her hair and she pinched her nipples again to make sure they were hard for His arrival. she so enjoyed being pleasing to Him and also pleasing Him. It was the essence of her, what she lived for.

she heard His truck in the driveway and her eyes move slowly and deliberately to the floor. This was her position. At her Master's feet, where she belonged. Where she felt most comfortable. Where she could look up at Him and delight in the fact that she was His. His to use as He pleased. she felt no greater pleasure.
He walked in the door, set down is briefcase and smiled at His beauty as she sat on her pillow and said, "hello my sexy girl. you look wonderful enough to eat." "Hello Master," she replied. "i hope that you had a fantastic day, Sir. i've missed you terribly today! How may i please you, Sir?"

"Well, I missed you too little one. Come to Me."

With that, she arose from her place and went to Him.

"Let Me see those beautiful eyes of yours, girl," he whispered. she smiled and complied willingly. His eyes were so powerful to Her and she was absolutely sure that they could see all the way through her. He took her chin in His hand, gazed into her eyes and she felt herself melting at His touch. "Master, you make this girl so happy. i am such a lucky girl, Sir."

"It is Me who is also blessed, little one. Blessed by such a beautiful submissive one as you."

He leaned forward and brought her lips to His. her lips quivered and she smiled when she noticed it. He moved His tongue slowly across her lips, making small circles. she moaned softly and He brought her closer. He took her bottom lip between His teeth and bit down. her smile grew and she whimpered almost imperceptibly. A small bead of sweat ran down from her forehead to her left cheek. He noticed it and wiped it away, as he said, "you seem especially anxious today, little one." "Yes, Master. i am. i have ached for your touch and wish only to be pleasing to you, Sir."

"Did you represent yourself and Me well today, girl?"

Oh, yes, Sir. As always," she replied as she smiled. This was one of Master's most important requirements of His girl; that she educate herself daily on some topic of interest and represent herself and Him well. He wanted her to be strong, well-educated woman that anyone would be pleased to know.

"Excellent," he said. "Kneel and remove my clothes, girl," he commanded. she moved slowly and gracefully to her knees. she hoped beyond hope that she would be able to touch Him tonight. she was hungry and Master was her greatest feast.
He gazed down at her, pleased with His pet as she raised her hands and began slowly unbuckling His belt. The hard bluge in His pants as she brushed across Him told her that He was pleased. she continued disrobing Her Master until He stood naked before her, hard as a rock.

"Now run and get Me my paddle, sweet one, " he said. Her demure smile turned to a big grin. she replied, "Yes, Sir," as best she could. But it was hard to get out the words as her smile had become so big. she quickly ran to the bedroom closet to retrieve the paddle. Now she would get a treat, she thought, and her heart raced even more.

she ran back into the room and took her place at Master's feet. she could feel the wonderful stinging sensation on her *** and He hadn't even touched her yet. she began to salivate as she looked at His ****. "your girl is VERY hungry, Master! Will You please feed me?"

"Not yet, little one. I have other plans for you first! Now, get down on all fours and model that beautiful *** for Me!"
It seemed like only a nanosecond and she was on all fours, *** high in the air, breathing hard with anticipation.

"Does this please You, Sir," she queried.

"Oh yes, little one," He replied.

He took the 12 inch paddle into His right hand and admired it, turning it from front to back. One side was beautiful black leather and the other, soft black fur. It was, ironically an instrument of pain, but also of ultimate pleasure. He felt a rush rise through him.
He began his travels with the fur side of the paddle and gently rubbed it on her ***, from top to bottom and side to side. she moaned and rolled her *** in unison with the movement of the paddle. He made a swipe of the paddle between her *** cheeks and she squeezed and held the paddle in place.

Poof! The first swat was a small one with the fur and it made a slight thud. "Mmmmm," she whispered. "May i have more, Sir?"
"Oh, there'll be plenty more, girl," he replied.

A few more soft swats with the fur and it was time to move on to the leather. Her *** was only slightly pink now. she longed for the pain that she knew was to come. she waited patiently. she knew that Master knew the best time and the best way to take her where she wanted to go.

"YES," she screamed!! her Master had turned the paddle over and given her the first of many to come. "More, Sir," she exclaimed. "Use me for Your pleasure, Master!" "YES," she screamed again as the second swat landed on the other cheek of her ***. He looked down, pleased that her beautiful *** was beginning to turn red. "i am such a pain **** for you, Sir. May i please have more?" she raised her *** higher in the air and closer to the instrument that was giving her such pleasure and giving Him such power.

Quickly, her surroundings began to disappear. she began to float in an almost out-of-body experience. nothing else in her surroundings mattered. she was inside her mind now and was pleasured beyond belief. Only she and her Master existed. her body, now feeling as light as a feather, began to shake and she could feel her ***** begin to quiver. she felt drops of her juices flowing down her legs as she floated deeper and deeper into "sub space." she had learned early on not to resist and to enjoy this lost feeling. Her Master was in total control of her and she couldn't be happier.

The shaking began to take control of her. As much as she had tried the first few times, she could not stop it and now, because she trusted Him implicitly, she was able to let go completely. "May i *** for you, Master," she cried.
"Yes, little one! Show Me what you've got!," he bellowed.

she shook uncontrollably now as the first wave of her first ****** of the night began to course through her. her **** was as hard as could be and every muscle in her body tensed as she exploded for Him. she felt another hard swat on her *** as she came for Him. As she exploded in an intense ******, she squirted a stream of hot liquid that covered her legs. she could feel the heat in her loins and it made the ****** all the more intense. She could feel every single nerve in her body and they were all delighted as the sensations.

When the shaking ceased, her body crumpled in a heap, and she smiled, knowing this was only the beginning of a wonderful night of pain and pleasure. The line between the two had vanished and they were now one unequaled new sensation.
Master was home with His girl and she was content.
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Jan 12, 2011