My wife submits to my every need and I like it. Why shouldn't I enjoy being waited on hand and foot? I used to try and help her with the housework but it just upsets her. She suggests I sit and watch TV or tinker with my cars or 'just laze around love' she says. She smiles and brings me beer, rubs my tummy and kisses me while asking if I'm happy. She completely adores me and everything I do or don't do. Recently she's been asking me to 'ravish' her in bed - hold her hair and smack her a little. All this turns me on of course but I'm worried about her. She doesn't seem to have any interests or hobbies or even friends. She only leaves the house if I make her. She just looks up at me with big puppy dog eyes and asks if I'm happy all the time. She's very happy as long as I am so I suppose I will turn into a lazy, fat happy, satisfied slob with a Barbie doll wife at my side. Seems wrong but so right...
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I'm not seeing the issue here, unless you intend for her to be employed. Many women fantasize about such a life, whether they identify as submissive or traditional. They're very similar life paths. Sounds like she wants to kick it up a notch, and why not oblige her? Win win.

If you just wait for the right moment, you can take her off guard. Rip off her clothes and have at it. I think the psychological aspect of such play goes very deep, and I am of the (controversial) opinion that there is an innate need to be dominated in all of us, tapped or untapped, because a woman wants a man.

Okay maybe I just need to lose my inhibitions and go for it. Your right about not catching her off guard though. Sometimes I grab her too rough and it scares her. Thanks for your response it's given me confidence to try it!

She literally is asking for it. (;

Don't second guess yourself in the heat of the moment, but do be vigilant about her mental well-being. And be sure to give her cuddles and kisses and make her feel safe and secure *after* the fact. She may be spiraling and out of body and will need you to be there for her while she comes down to earth. Because, yeah, it's that good.

Another thing I just thought of is having a serious conversation about what she wants (hair-pulling, manhandling and whatnot) would not be a bad idea. This doesn't kill the fantasy. Rather, it heightens the anticipation. She gets all flustered and then you walk away, and she is left not knowing when it will happen.

One more thing and then I'll shut up: Women fantasize and men visualize. Men can just, ya know, see some Supermarket sideboob and they're good to go. We need an elaborate story, because we gotta be complicated like that. Hope this helps to stoke the fire. Have fun!

Wow that's a huge insight. She's just brought me a cup of tea while I was reading your message (I'm on my phone). As she rubbed my leg and asked me if I was happy I got a rush of excitement! The more I read about submissiveness/traditional wife role the more I'm starting to get it. I was brought up to be gentle & respectful towards women but I suppose there is a time and place for everything. I'm not sure how I will tackle sex talk as she usually gets shy and says nothing. She normally asks me to pull her hair and fake strangle her during sex when she's in the moment. Anyway, thank you for your excellent advice.

Thanks for letting me know I was able to help. (:
It's a bit scary to realize how second nature this is for me. Alas, I know what I know and may as well share. I could go on, but I'm sure your time is important. And your tea, as well.

I have plenty of time to learn more about my relationship. It's been very is helpful to know there are other people like her. It makes it all feel more normal. I've just come home from work to find a huge dinner she made for me complete with apple crumble for desert. She's wearing a little apron over a short pleated skirt and pigtails in her hair. She smiles at me like I'm god or something. She's really stepping it up (or I'm just noticing). I might have to pull on those pigtails later! If you have anymore advice I would love to hear it as it's all new to me.

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