I Wish It Would All Go Away.

 im only 14 and a hypocondriac. ive "had" all these diseases brain cancer, lupis, diabetes, ms, asthema, and so many more.  i feel like im going crazy im always waiting for death. if i have the slightest pain i think its a disease. i have terrible axiety and always get this tingly sensation all over my body but it goes away when im distracted. im way to young to be worrying so much about dieing. i cant ever sleep because im afraid ill never wake up. im constantly compaining to my family and friends that thiers something wrong with me. know their frustrated with me and just ignore me. i only feel all this when every i think about the disease, am sitting down, or laying down.  i feel like im going crazy. i even worry about everybody else whenever they have a problem with themselves. like for example, whenever my brother gets a nose bleed i think he has luekemia, if my mom gets a headache i think its a brain tumor, if my sister has a mosquito bump i think its cancerous. i am constantly worrying.  i google symptoms to diseases at least 5-8 times a day. am i really imaging all of this? ive been like this for as long as i can remember. this isnt only affecting me, its affecting everyone else around me.
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Wow, I'm exactly like this and I'm 14. O_o

i have that to i think bats are after me to giv me rabeys every time i get a poke or somthing hits me i panick im going crazy my parents are geting tird of it to but i cant help it im to yong to go to the docter when ever i want so im stuck plz help email me at dogskalina@yahoo.com