Lover Not A Fighter But You Make Me A Fighter

I 'got' hypochondria at 15 i never new why with this cam OCD AND agrophobia. I barely ate cause i thought everything was poisoned or got food poisoning. If sumone coughed near me if spend the rest of the day panic and i did have mass panics attacks if i even felt slighty ill. Life stopped for me i didnt wanna go out incase i got ill nothing was fun anymore because i had so many restrictions. after a few years i did start to get better the agrophobia went away and i only washed my hands a few times before i would eat and i actually start eating what ever i wanted. but then about a year ago i watched a show that showed an illness and it affected my mind again and though im not back to staying in doors, eating is so hard and having to wash my hands again has come back and life is a struggle yet again every day and the truth most days i wish i wasnt like this and i could just live a normal life and have fun and not feel weak it feels like a stranger cause before i was 'ill' i was supper confident and did anything and everything.
fioan fioan
22-25, F
Dec 11, 2010