Hyperchondria And Anxiety!

I used to have a normal, happy, anxiety free life until I was 19. When I was 19 I was in college and had a bad trip on shrooms which caused me to have panic attacks all the time. I went to the doctors and was put on a couple different anxiety medications until i found lexapro which worked for me. I also was diagnosed with a hypothyroid at the same time and have been on synthroid ever since. I eventually dropped out of school and moved home that same year because I couldn't handle all the anxiety. I was better with not having quite as much anxiety for about 2 years. When I was 21 I was rushed to the ER because I was having stroke like symptoms (couldn't talk or say anything that made any sense, nauseous, almost blacking out, numb). It turned out that I had a severe bladder infection that went into my kidneys and then made my brain swell which caused the stroke symptoms. Needless to say it was an absolutely terrifying situation and has scarred me ever since. I've had a preoccupation with my health ever since (its been almost 4 years), with times that are worse than others. In the last couple months I've become completely obsessed over my health and have finally realized that I'm a hypochondriac. I've had a bunch of tests done lately because I have had extreme anxiety and panic attacks nonstop, I can barely function. I've lost friends and a boyfriend in the last 2 months because of it and am afraid I'm going to push my family away too. Well, this last week has been the worst because I had my thyroid tested and I now have a mild hyperthyroid so I was told to just decrease my dose of synthroid a level by the nurse. I've been so completely out of contol obsessing over my hyperthyroid and my symptoms I cant function. I'm paranoid that I should see a doctor and ask his opinion instead of just the nurses. I need help!
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hi there, im new on here so i hope im doing this right, i myself was happy go luck a long time ago when i was 15 years old,i used to puff dope, not a lot but now and then, and i met some people who gave me a joint one night and i thought i was going to die, i was in a bad place in my head, i was never the same again, i feel it was the start of my problems of hypochondriac. i have had breaks of this phobia, what happend was i fell pregnant and it went away ,but i had ocd and body dysmorphic in the years ,of bringing my son up so i was never really free, what happend was i went in myself with these other phobias .these tend to overlap each other.then for many years i was binge drinking,taking myself away from what was really going on, but i had to stop drinking as it gave me panic attacks, and now im going through this hypochondria phobia again, you need to get to know yourself well, like keep a diary of yourself and see the patterns of your behaviour,like when im stressed i get what they call a flare up, and my hypo gets really bad. i have read to really good books called the power of now .sorry i cannot rember author name, phantom illness shattering the myth of hypochondria by carla cantor with brian a. fallon,m.d. i hope these books help you, also don't read or look up about illness it will only feed your fears , im am now getting psychotherapy which helps to separate the influences of body and mind, which interact with each other to create ones vulnerabbility to hypochondria. i hope this all helps you ........michellelondon

Your story relates to me because I had a bad shroom trip and an extremely bad bladder infection. Everynight id think to myself I'M going to have a heart attack because of the bad bladder infection. I took my antibiotics so i think I'M okay. Every night I literitly have to talk to my mom asking her if I'm going to die in my sleep. She thinks I'M crazy. The doctor said my heart and lungs are fine but I feel like sometimes I forget to breathe. When I feel my heart beat it freaks me out because sometimes i feel like it's not normal. me being a hypochondriac is ruining my life. I can't do anything I use to do anymore. I'M scared that if I do anything wrong I'll die. The show 1,000 ways to die scares the **** out of me. My mind is stuck on the show and I strongly believe that the show mentally screwed me up. I just want to be normal and your story touches me because I'm going through the same thing. don't worry you'll get through it. We'll all be okay somehow

A thyroid problem isn't going to kill you. The nurse is right, but even if she is wrong the worst that will happen is you get a little sleepy and gain a couple pounds. This is a case where the anxiety it is causing is worse than the real problem. It's good to worry about your health enough to prevent death by bladder infection, but this time you'll be fine. Cheer up :)