I Think I Am

I get a headache, holy crap I've a brain tumour, furiously google symptoms, holy crap I have most of those! Is it cancer? would the doctor believe, if I die and knew I had this I'd be so mad. My chest hurts! Am I having a heart attack!! It was all that fatty foods! I knew I should have ate more vegetables. Are my tonsils swollen?? they look swollen! what is wrong!!
This is a few things that run through my head, yesterday I was convinced I had lukemia, I really hope I am a hypochondriac and that I actually don't have any of these illnesses!
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2 Responses May 3, 2012

That's sad to know. I wish I could do something about it

I have been suffering from hypocondria for about 2 and a half years and can say I have overcome it although it still is a struggle to not let myself fall bak into the worry everyday. The one thing that keeps a hypochondriac fueled is the thought that in the back of their mind they think well I think this is hypocondria but what IF I really hVe this or that , so they began to rationalize their irrational thoughts. From what u say you are suffering from hypocondria. The first step to overcoming it is to realize that the symptoms you are facing are hypocondria. Until you accept you don't have a disease you will<br />
Never get over it. Everytime you have a symptom you have to tell yourself this is hypocondria, and do not fuel on the what if's because 99% of what we worry about never happens.. Hope this helps!