Hypochondria Tenancies?

Sometimes I feel I have some mild form of it. One time I thought I had an ectopic pregnancy and was so scared. I was pregnant. I had to get an ultra sound to be sure I did not have an ectopic pregnancy. I felt cramping on one side and I read online that a sign of it was you feels cramps on one side so it scared me.

When I was in high school, I was scared I was going schizophrenic. Then I watched A Beautiful Mind and I knew I was not close to having it.

Sometimes I think I am being a hypochondriac about Hypochondria. I don't think it's bad because I don't worry about it a lot about what I could have wrong with me when I come across stuff online such as avoidant personality or schizotypal. I may not have the full blown condition and I just get traits of it because I tend to get worried over things and obsess about it. Plus I don't trust myself with any self diagnoses or my own issues I have even though I have been diagnosed with several conditions. I don't even know if my own issues are normal or due to my Asperger's or anxiety or OCD because I could be a hypochondriac about it.

I even thought I was retarded at some point when I was 14 because I was called that for years and then I started to believe it. It took me a while to get convinced I did not have it. For one I found my medical papers from when I was in elementary school and it said what my IQ scores were and they were in the average range.

girlwithanxiety girlwithanxiety
26-30, F
May 18, 2012