Here It All Begins Again.....

About two years ago I was working as a dental assistant. It was my last week so I decided to get a final cleaning and oral cancer screening. As the hygienist did the exam she noticed something and told me to wait and she would get the Dr. The Dr came back in and took a look and decided that it was nothing. For some reason I became hysterical; I could not stand it, I had to see an oral surgeon. I saw an oral surgeon and he told me he did not think it was anything suspicious. He told me to come back in a month. I spent the next month researching and studying and looking inside my mouth that i really forgot about life. After becoming more panicked I decided to wait it out and try to relax. The one month appointment had arrived and he still told me it was nothing to worry about, but he wanted me to come in again in three months. I sort of got over the obsession of googling everything. The next appointment arrived rather quickly, and i was anxious about what he would see. Again, he assured me that nothing needed to be done with it at this time and if i wanted to i could have it removed and biopsied if i wanted a peace of mind. I decided not to go through with that. Well its been almost two years and here i am scared .. i have had some ear pain and fluid built up in my ear along with a swollen gland behind my ear. I went to a dr convinced that i had a ear infection, when she diagnosed me with eustachian tube dysfunction, i decided to go home and research the causes. I found that there could be a tumor inside my nasal cavity... i automatically assumed it had to do with the abnormal spot inside my mouth..I have spent the last 2 days researching and worrying for absolutely nothing. There is really no connection but for some reason my mind does not always let me think that way. its almost like my mind takes over everything in my life. I went into work today crying because i "know" that i have oral cancer.. i just know it. The spots inside my mouth have not changed what-so-ever again i made an appointment with the oral surgeon for fri...even though i know deep down that i have nothing wrong with me i cannot help but think that he missed something last time.. i am going to spend the money (i have no insurance) just for him to tell me the samet thing... soemtimes i feel like a freak and very alone..

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1 Response Apr 7, 2009

Just went through the exact same thing, only I HAD the biopsy....God!!!