Bad Track Record...

The main thing that makes me a hyprocrite is that I can give advice to ppl about how they should deal with a problem or treat themselves better, and it's good [I hope!] advice too, can't take my own advice. There's been a few times I've found myself reading a story of mine after I read another's story in the same group with the same problem and my own advice posted.

Theoretically I know that I deserve to treat myself nicely, be happy, be comfortable in my own skin, and surround myself with supportive, loving ppl. Theoretically if it holds for other ppl, then it should be true for me also.

But I don't feel like it's true. Sometimes I think that for someone like me, I could never carry out the steps I encourage others to take. How could I be positive about myself everyday? Forgive? I don't know how I could do it. I'm such a hyprocrite, dammit.

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I was going to comment and tell you all how I am a hypocrite for not practicing what I preach. How it is so very difficult to remember on a daily basis those things that you know to be true and right. But then Warmth put it so eloquently and it deserves repeating.<br />
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Warmth said: "Perhaps it's not so much a problem of being a hypocrite as maintaining that same external perspective at the moment when we need it."<br />
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That says it all!


Totally agree - I treat myself worse than people I dislike sometimes! And taking my own great advice? Never happens... Why why why are we so mature when it comes to giving good suggestions to our friends, but suck at our own life?<br />
I mean, I know it's because problems are always easier to solve from a distance. It's one thing to tell your friend to dump that guy who doesn't measure up, but a totally different thing to leave him if he's YOUR badly behaving, lovely, irritating, cute, selfish and immature but adorable boyfriend. Agh.

Thanks! Very true EPErica - "sometimes you just need to pretend until you feel it."

It's hard to forgive people when you are still actively mad at them. Sometimes it's hard to go back to liking them, and all you can do is decided to no longer waste your energy. Sometimes its hard to muster up the confidence you need to be positive, sometimes you just need to pretend until you feel it. I hope you can learn to take your own advice. You know what you need to do. Good Luck!

Aren't we all to a degree? To admit it is admirable. Just do the best you can in life. Peace, J