It's True.

 I'm a hypocrite. No exception. I think everyone is a hypocrite, in one way or another. But that's ok. I don't expect much from people. No..that's a lie. I don't expect anyone to be perfect. I sure do of my self though (see what I mean?). 

I can't live up to my own ideals. Ugh. I should be hanged. or Burned. or thrown tomatoes at.

greencompass greencompass
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7 Responses Jan 11, 2010

Hey, I just take life as it comes and roll with the punches, ie., I try to do my best and if I don't, screw it, I'll do better next time. Ideals are great, they give you something to look forward to, just be careful yours aren't overwhelming. After all, we are human...

lol spare me please! <br />
<br /> i deserve it. just proved myself to be an even bigger hypocrite.

I think hypocrisy is a basic consequence of living. But about those tomatoes you mentioned... :D

Yeah I wish it weren't the case. I'm all too human. Makes me wanna wish I were a robot:/<br />
Thanks mal, mls. And sbf.

Sounds to me like you're human...

Hi greencompass,<br />
most people hide behind a mask, I know I do, so the world can't see the real them/me. But that doesn't particularly make them a hypocrite. However, there are times when I could accuse myself of it.<br />
Mal :)

uhhhh, wtf hfdh? She's talking about hypocriticism not nike's. delete that comment green compass and this one as well. Or you can leave it and laugh at the tards tryin to sell sh*t.