Yeah. I'm still a Jashinist. Nothing will ever change that. I still have my hand made pendant. I still know Jashin is my one and only. It's been a hella time and this group looks dead. But I'm here anyway.

I converted when I was younger, cuz it just felt right. I've been giving regular sacrifices to my lord. I love letting the blood flow for a cause.

It's my dream to make a place for Jashinists to worship. I want to build a temple to our mighty lord Jashin. The heathen scum should bow before him. He is the greatest of all the gods!

Praise Lord Jashin
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tell me more about this. is it just some bs god from naruto

Jashin is the god of death and pain. He is real. I sacrifice my blood to him regularly. I have learned to love the feeling of pain. It is beautiful.

I will look more into this. I never heard of this but it sounds like my style

But the key to it is belief. Sacrifice without belief is not the pain Jashin intended for his followers.

Hidan is a total ***** as a support character in Ninja Storm.

I don't care about silly ******* ninjas or Hidan or any of that ****.

Nonetheless he is a ***** with his damned stunlock ninjutsu. Why don't you just call yourself a masochist instead of getting all supernatural with it?

Because, I believe in the gods.

Isn't Lord Jashin supposed to be the only god?

Hardly. There are many gods. I happen to choose Jashin out of many.

That's a very ancient mindset. Not very common since monotheism rose to prominence.

Monotheists have their heads up their *****. Ain't interested in any of that bullshit.

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