Nothin' Fancy Here, Just The Good Stuff

I have been raised on a farm in Iowa.  I remember throwing on my jeans, boots and tshirt to feed the baby chicks. I would hold them in my hands, 
fuzzy yellow chicks against my face.

Moving onto the cows and on to the pigs.  Not pretty, but necessary.  Horses running on the farm, peking out around the barn wanting their morning grub.

I have had to be sort of a tuff-cookie, like my Dad has always said. Basically, a tom-boy.  I lived in my blue jeans and t-shirt right up through high school, and to this day.

I sing in a Country band, and there is nothing sexier than a woman with long hair, dark eyes, full lips, my favorite boots, my best fitting t-shirt and my tight fittin' jeans
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Cool !. You sound like me. I grew up on a horse farm in Kentucky. I still live in Kentucky and I work with and have horses of my own. I have 4 brothers who are all older than me so it is no wonder that I have been a tomboy my whole life.I don't sing but I love country music.Love my jeans,t-shirts and my Justin boots!

Hello kycountrygirl!
It took me a long time to respond to your comment, and I am so sorry for that. I haven't been on EP in a long time. You're right, we sound alike. I have three brothers. I Love horses too. I bet you have some beautiful horses to boot! You take care!

Hey there slohand12,<br />
Well that goes without saying, right? Nothing like a good ole' pair of short cut-offs! The turnin' on part is left to you! Hee Hee!