Favorites of Mine

The Blues Brothers

National Lampoon's Vacation


Follow That Bird

Summer Rental

Little Shop of Horrors


Planes,Trains and Automobiles

The Great Outdoors

Uncle Buck

Home Alone

Only the Lonely

and of course...

Cool Runnings

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

That would have been great if he could have survived it. I'm sure we would be laughing our butts off at his work right now as we speak....

Delirious is probably my favorite. But I like all his work. I have seen every one many times. Sometimes I wonder what other work he would have done had he not passed....

'Canadian Bacon' was good but not one of his best (it was actually his next to last film). 'Wagons East' wasnt exactly Candy at his best either (other characters and actors actually carried that film), but it was the one he died before finishing so that is why I treasure it....its his final performance.

And also dont forget the classics.....'Delerious', 'Armed and Dangerous', 'Whos Harry Crumb', 'Canadian Bacon', and 'Wagons East' (his final film). Whether he starred in a film, co-starred, or just made a guest appearance....He brought a certain quality to all of his work.