I Gave My Friend A Bj At A Sleepover

we were board so we desided to  play truth or dare so we stated of with small stupid dares we were both 14 then i came out with "i dare you to get completly nude so we did and then got in to his bed for the last round then it was my turn he dared me to down a bottle of wine so then i dared him to down 2 bottles of beer so he did so by now we were drunk so what happned next is a bit hasey  but il try to rember so it was my dare he had a erection so it made me realy horny so when he dared me to give him a ******* i was glad so i gladly did it then it was his turn i went strate for iti dared him to suck my **** he did it he got it in a lond way .then we desided that  we wanted to try a 69er so we did we went at it until we both blew our loads i tock it in my mouth but he got it all other his face so i licked it clean then we slept togeter 

i still rember that night and i would do it again any day it was only last year so i still know that freind and he is incredebuly fit
bobsuckcock bobsuckcock
70+, M
Jul 19, 2010