A few days ago, a journalist friend and I got to talking about some of the perks of our job. We got into meeting celebrities and I've had it on my mind since then.
I decided, as a way to try and remember them all, that I would make a list of celebrities I've met. There are tons more that I've listened to in a group setting or something - like interviews where he's on a podium and answering to a lot of reporters. This list is only people that I've got to shake their hand and have at least a moment of their time.
I'm going to separate it - for fun. The first list will be people I think are legends. The second will be just celebrities in their field. And some aren't truly known except by fans of their team.
If I think of more in the following days, I'll add. And if anyone wants to ask a question about any of them, I'm wide open for conversation.

Hank Aaron
Willie Nelson
Waylon Jennings - and Jessie
Johnny Cash - and June
Richard Petty

Bobby Cox
Chipper Jones
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Keith Brooking
Kyle Petty
Bill Elliott
Michael Waltrip
Carnell Williams
Brodie Croyle
Will Ferrell
Johnny Bench
Mr. Clean lol
Pat Benatar
Anne Rice
Richard Pryor
Mike Shula
Don Shula
Les Miles
Gene Chizik
Bill Murray
Tommy Tuberville
Pat Dye
Nick Saban
Bill Curry
Bart Starr
Ken Stabler

That's all my mind can recall at the moment - the pain relievers have control. But I'll update as I think of more. :)
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
51-55, M
Sep 8, 2012