I been down since I was 13 so 8 years, I was always the goth kid in school an met some kids with the same interests they introduced me to ICP and I fell in love lol. Now that im older im not the same all black an chains wearing but I will always be down. To me its about juggalo/lett family thats why I dont the media when they talk so much **** without getting its about. we just happen to love jamming out to songs about killer clowns and cotton candy :P. But anyway I got to go to a concert in nashville TN with haystack and ICP an then one in memphis TN with Dark lotus they are ******* amazing in concert! I was so happy I got to touch violent J, shaggy and monoxides hand and sprayed with fago it was just ******* amazing to be there with that many fellow Juggalo/lettes.

BuffyFan21 BuffyFan21
18-21, F
May 17, 2012