My Career Affect My Relationship With My Homies.....

Since I have graduated from college, I feel as tho that I do not "belong" as well as I use to.  I cannot smoke bud at free will, and I am not available for parties. I know that image is not all that this sh!t is all about... but I was criticized for dressing pretty on Halloween... they seemed too ghetto for me to actually hang out with. (sounds crazy, yes I know). 
After growing up, going threw college an what not, I have disconnected myself  to my juggalo family. (studying)... which bothers me now. As my "old" homies go threw BS.... I find myself doing well, I cannot bring up my 'success' with them... when i speak about graduating/new job an what not I feel as tho that I am talking down to them... IDK if it is because I am too parnoid or if I am over thinking things.... (yea no juggalo/lette would think less of another but I feel as tho that this is really an issue)
I don't want to seem "goodie goodie" (harsh right?)... really  I wish I never grew up, that I could kick it all night... I miss my homies, but since ppl have gone to prison  am what not..  I feel out of place right now,,, are there any Juggalo/Lettes that feel the same? I miss them so much...  now that so much time has passed everything feels awkward. 
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Hey man I was like you. When I went to college I just kept thinking about how I don't want to act like I used to anymore and wanted to find people in my own mind set. I did find that person and he was a ninja as well. I know you think you HAVE to do specific things to be considered a ninja but its not true. There is no standards to the family. You don't even have to own a stitch of clothing to be considered family. I still sport it and don't like icp. Lost a lot of friends but got some new ninjas as well. Keep reppin that hatchet and eventually a like minded ninja will stop ya

No matter how much your busy you'll always be fam, it doesn't make you less fam for going somewear if anything there probably happy for you