Oh the stress of being a high school junior. With the PSAT, SATs, and the ACT. I have yet to take the SAT and ACT but I've already been preparing. My parents expect amazing grades..... Ivy League qualifying grades.

And then there are APs. AP Bio, which is ok for me, and extremely important because I want to go into medicine. AP English Language... Obviously important, but very hard... Especially the reading comprehension. And then there is AP US History.... Let me rant for a bit on that....

AP US History will be the death of me. I just moved to the States, from Canada, so all this US History is new to me. I've been doing poorly on every single test. AP US is my lowest grade (91) which is low in my school. I don't know what to do. I study..... Hours on end.... Without sleep, just to do poorly on tests. My teacher thinks I don't study enough. I am extremely stressed from this. Ok.... I'm done with my AP US rant!

Moving on, extra curriculars are scary too. I'm in the Science Olympiad club, and I don't feel smart enough to be in it. There's a ton of content to know for the competitions, and I'm terrified. I want to do well so I don't bring down the team... But it's tough.

I'm also in Future Business Leaders of America. I'm going to compete in events and I really want to place in states! But it is so stressful and major anxiety causing!

Being a Junior is tough. I've got so much on my plate.... Perhaps too much. On top of this I'm hoping to get into a medical internship program next year. I'm really looking forward to it, but I feel like I might not get it. Oh the stress and anxiety!
gogirl08 gogirl08
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2013