I Kinda Wish I Wasnt Tho

I mean, im always trying to do for others and putting myself last. im kinda too nice for my own good. Anywho, I have done my good deed for the year. I was driving around angry because i dont have as much money as other people and thinking of how i was going to stop being so kind to people when we all know that its almost imposible not to be nice if you are naturaly nice, and i see this older woman, maybe in her 30s, stumble and fall on the sidewalk, all the anger left me at that point and i turned my music off and asked her if she was ok. a bus driver saw this as well and ran to her aid and i hopped out of my car. after getting her on her feet and makeing sure she was ok the bus driver asked where she lived and she said right up the street, so i gave her a ride there and made sure she got in her home before pulling off because i was so worried. I just wanted to share that here anonomysly, I dont realy wana be recognized or praised by people for doing something that anybody with a heart would do.

Krie Krie
Mar 8, 2010