My Latest Kitchen Witchery.

Firstly, Mabon blessings to you all! 

I have been a bit under the weather recently with a cold and chest infection.  Having been to a basic herbal medicine class many moons ago, I knew what I needed - some delicious home made cough mixture.  Luckily, my friend has some elder trees in her garden, and I harvested some berries from her.  Currently bubbling on the stove is my cough mixture, almost ready to taste.  I made some of this a couple of years ago, and it really helped.

If you want to make some of your own, here's my recipe:

You will need:

elderberries: enough to half fill a large saucepan.

a bag of sugar.

a sieve or strainer.

a potato masher.

a jar.


Half fill your pan with elderberries, and add enough water to cover them.  Bring to the boil, and then simmer for half an hour.  Mash them well with the potato masher, and then sieve into a bowl.  Return to the pan, and add the sugar.  Bring to the boil and then simmer.  Reduce until the mixture becomes syrupy.  Then allow it to cool, and jar it. 

It really helps if you add a couple of teaspoons to some hot water to take.


Bright blessings!
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Sep 21, 2010