Mabon Blessings, the Intelligentia, and Me

Blessings of Mabon!!!!

It's our Thanksgiving essentially. A balance in time, the autumnal equinox. The second harvest.

My pantry is stocked. I'm looking forward to the change in season, and putting my gardens to bed. And an added treat this year, I'll have all my family here for at least the day. So, the cooking has begun.

But... I am ever reminded that it's not just the rabid religionists that would like my head on a pike, but the intelligentsia as well.

Oddly enough I had never considered them to be people to be wary of. But I can be taught. From my point of view I was being taunted and baited into defending myself. It was patronization, and condescension and just plain taunting. Finally ended up in name calling. Which was actually amusing. Seems I'm not really a witch after all...I'm a "NEW AGE GARDENER".

 I am still having a laugh at that. What it boiled down to was the individual wanted me to state my religious beliefs. Said that by defining the things I do and not saying whether I believed in a god /goddess I wasn't really a witch.

Fancy that. Oh and the best part was I was phrasing my answers sarcastically. No.... ya think? The individual seems to think it was OK to say what I do is wacky and delusional. And then gets  his knickers in a twist because I won't play by his rules and give him ammunition with which to taunt  and denigrate me some more.

So.... guess the best course of action for me is to go back into my broom closet and stay there.  And... keep a weather eye on the horizon for not just villagers with torches, but the pontificating academicians who would fan the flames higher.


Any way...

Blessings of the day to all!

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
8 Responses Sep 20, 2008

LOL. well when either of find the spell bottle it. maybe we can make it species specific...some are endangered. LOL

I keep looking.

There really has to be a way to turn someone into a frog......have you tried everything?

yeah... but with all the new rules Ya gotta file a flight plan, and have a radio and stay out of certain air space... just easier to make like a banana and split.:)


Your a Kitch Witch! I'm sure no angry villagers will come after you with their pitchforks. And hey if they do you can always just fly over them right. Hope you have a good weekend!

very true. but still build sand bag bunkers in my yard.

well I've been waiting to be tied to burning stake too, ask anyone knows me I'm expecting it but you know I don't care lot os good people have there too I won't be in bad company. While I'm not wild about the idea of dying (I really love this exitienced wild filled with color and flavor) I still would die for what I believe then live prisoner of what they beleive