First Harvest

Lammas Blessings. Or, if you prefer... Blessings of Lughnasa.

The celebration of the first harvest. This is when we begin to take stock of what we have planted during the year. Reaping what we have sown.

Fresh breads, games, berries ripe and plump from the picking. It is also when we begin in seriousness to  'put by' for the lean times. Preparing for the cold days and long nights.

The sun has past it's zenith. It is no longer the wild youth, but is aging gracefully... still providing light and warmth. With a few more gifts for us as the wheel turns.

So... enjoy you evening, sit outside and savor the soft warmth of the summer night. Watch the children chase fireflies. Dream a little dream of days gone by, and times yet to come.

Laugh, and sing, share time with friends and family.

Peace out!! And blessings from a Kitchen Witch, and a Wild Witch too!!

Tzech Tzech
46-50, F
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lol I try after the days harvest is in kinda sorta