I'am a Surviver

Hi my name is Kevan Jung Hyung Shave, I was born in 1973 S.Korea the city of Seoul. I was drop in a box as a infant in front of the Orphange. !979 I was adopted by a American family when I was 5yrsold. I lived in Mass. My adoptive mother had 3 of her own kids already. Begining of 4yrs liveing Mass. my life was good. I got treated good and I got spoiled. Also I met rest of my extended relatives. About 70r8yrsold my life went down hill quickly. My adoptive mom was physically abusive, alcoholic, and also verbal abusive. My adoptive mother hurt me the most. I was the escape goat in the family. My adoptive parents had good jobs. My father was a Engineering, and My mother was a School Teacher. My parents have been divorce for seventeen yrs and my father had Re-Married. Today I have a Mental IIness because of My adoptive mother. I have Depression and PTSD. I do live in Maine, and rest of my family lives in N.Carolina.


kevanshave kevanshave
Dec 11, 2008