My Wife Had An Anr After Our Daugh Was Born

my wife breastfed another man .....she wanted to continue to nurse after our daugh weened ..... she was talking to some people at a neighborhood party and a male neighbor of ours told her he was fascinated with the idea and would help her to maintain her supply. she told me about his offer when we got home and asked what i thought - i could tell from the way she asked me that she was excited about letting him nurse on her so i said- sure, why not. i should also mention that the neighbor was a single male (divorced) and was a body builder into natural supplements - he read about how healthy breast milk is for humans (compared to cow milk) and wanted to use her breast milk along with his supplements to see if it could improve his performance- he claimed her breast milk gave him amazing energy and he credits her milk with big gains in his lifting power......he was able to nurse on my wife 3xs a day (he has a flexible job) and he did that for over a year.....during this time her supply increased massively because he was able to completely empty her breasts during each session and was drinking much more than our infant daughter - on the rare occasion where he missed a session her breasts would balloon and ache - she would have to pump to give herself some temporary relief when he wasnt around. her body, and her mind, became dependent on his nursing sessions. because he nursed hard and long on my wife, she was producing huge quantities of milk - over a gallon a day and her breasts got huge (D+ cup), stretched, hung very low, and became saggy (esp after each session where he would completely empty them).....after about 6 months of nursing on my wife her breasts would literally look like deflated balloons for a few hrs after he nursed on her .... i should mention that before my wife became pregnant she had VERY small breasts, A cup and very perky with tiny nipples and areolas .....after nursing our infant daughter for 5 months her breasts only showed slight growth - maybe up to a B cup max but her breasts grew massively when our neighbor began nursing on her - ballooning up to a full D+ cup within 4 months and her areola and nipples also grew massively....because of that massive size increase her breasts ended up with stretch marks that are still visible. after he stopped nursing on her (he moved bc of his job) her breasts got smaller - down to a small B cup but her aerola and nipple size remained very large.......and because of the massive expansion from feeding him her breasts remain very saggy and are no longer perky.
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So, was it a positive experience for you? For her? Is she ok with the fact that her breasts are sagging now? Everyone ages so it's just a question if we can live with the changes in our body. My Kitten is doing this for me, and I can't wait to see her breasts grow and change. And I know in my heart that I will continue to love her whether her breasts are sagging after, (I wouldn't care if she only had one!)... There is also the aspect of your sharing her with another man. Some relationships blossom from such an addition to the relationship. Others don't turn out the way they hoped. I think it has a lot to do with how solid the relationship is and secure the two people are. Love and trust. So I'm just curious how you both felt about the experience. I am grateful for what we have. But I hope SHE is ok with all the changes too. I'd love to hear from someone who has "been there". Thank you!

you did not feed on her????

she was pktheking- it was amazing for how petite she is how much she produced- she had to eat a lot of food to keep up with the cal's she was burning too

"..she was producing huge quantities of milk - over a gallon a day" - are you kidding? I think even a cow does not produce so much in a day ;).. so you have got what - a supercow?

I'm a body builder myself. I so wish I had neighbours like yourself.<br />
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The funny thing is, I have a next door neighbour that just gave birth a couple of months ago, but I would never ask her for breastmilk. There are so few people that understand us.