It's Not Just Healthy For the Baby, Healthy For You and Spiritually Enlightening, It's Also Free!!!

Far too close to 30 years ago, my mother was asked to leave disneyland for breastfeeding outside the designated "breastfeeding corner" of the park. Today, I am a mother of two. I nursed my babies for two years a piece. I never got more than dirty looks when I would feed them in public, I guess some would consider me lucky. There are far too many people in the world even today who look poorly on nursing. I'm not going to ramble on and on about the scientific facts or even spiritual and emotional upsides; if your here to read this you already know. My only message is not forget the fight. My youngest is 3 now and I stopped nursing a year ago, but I haven't stopped talking about it and I never will. Even if the best we can do is raise our children to honor and respect this divine gift we an change the perspective of our collective communities one generation at a time.
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Let me please

Children respected their parents more in the days of breast feeding.

i love breast milk^^

There are more and more studies on how wonderful breast feeding is for the health of the baby, I think it is a shame that it seems so stigmatized in out culture. I am, however, still a little skeptical of breast feeding children over two or three. I know it is still very healthy for them, but it is still very odd to me. But then I feel guilty because thats not much different from the people who don't agree with breastfeeding at all!

Good on ya!! :D It makes no sense to use formula if you don't have to. And society is so silly and immature about breasts. They are for feeding babies, and everything else is secondary!