After Showtime and Before the Three-peat

I was in the 7th Grade. I had been playing basketball since I was smaller but was never a fan. Kobe was a rookie and Shaq had just been traded recently so this was a whole new team. It was great to see Nick van Exel drive and float like he's sitting on a chair in midair through the lane and to hoop. Elden Campbell, Eddie Jones, Rick Fox. I hate Rick Fox...him and his wife should just go sell Proactive together. Then maybe he'll get some extra money I'm sure he's hurtin' for. Anyways, my friend Brian really brought me in because we always used to watch the games together. After a few seasons, they won one ...then two...and then THREE. It was an amazing event to watch.

I consider Robert Horry's last second shot to beat the Kings in 2002 one of my favorite Laker's Moments.

That's how  I became a fan :-D.
Judah Judah
22-25, M
May 7, 2007