Big Mistake Renting To Felon

Okay so I had this really nice couple come and give me this big sob story about how they needed a place but she has a felony. We are part of the good landlord association so I should have said no but having pitty I called the owner and asked if we could make an acception for this couple they seemed so nice oh my goodness was i wrong it was the biggest mistake everytime I need to talk to him or her about something they get really out of control and yell. We had a incident the other day that I had to speak with them about and they ended up yelling in my face. My question is can I evict them for yelling at me is that legal? And what would I say that they are being a nuicance?
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Yelling at you isn't grounds for eviction. You must accept that not everyone is nice. I had more than one tenant swear at me. If they are paying, isn't that why you have them? If they aren't you can certainly evict on those grounds. Even if they are paying and have a lease just don't renew the lease. If they are "At Will" give them the required notice to quit, usually via constable so you can win your court case if it gets that far.
I see this is an old story so I hope things worked out.