My Tennant Called To Threaten Me.

Well my wonderful tennant who:
1)gave me a cheque I could not cash, deducted a small improvement to the apartment after I waited 3 months for her to pay the rent,
2)never paid the light or water bills, stood me up 3 times to get said bills, and gave me a copy of a bill with no payment record the 4th time I went to get the bills called.
3)Who has no contract as it was not renewed.
4)Who has not paid the rent she owes for 2 months. November and December and soon January.
5)Who put in a cheap tile floor without my permission, when I told her not to do it as I like the linoleum floor it had.

Did she call to appologise? NO!
Did she call to ask for more time to look for a new place? NO!
Did she call to let me know she had sent me the receipts for the unpaid bills? NO!

She called to ask why had I suspended the telephone.
I said, we have no contract and you have not paid the electric and water bills.
She lied saying she had sent the recepts to landlord insurance office.
I told her I was pursuing eviction.
She then threatend to get an appeal on the grounds of unconsitutionality and said she would live there for another year and a half not paying rent while I got her evicted.
I said, we´ll see about that!
Today I called and said I would not pursue eviction but would instead try to reach an agreement with her. She said she would like the 6 month extention I had offered her before. I said, please send the receipts for the water and electricity bill to the lawyer.
I was so upset talking to her. She was trying to convince me that it was crazy to pursue eviction. I think it would be crazy not to.

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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I'm happy to see you free at last! So many times we hear the stories of the "poor tenant" not the hell they put the landlord through. I'm glad it worked in your favor I wish you the best tenant possible!

Thanks god im not its not me instead of u,i admire your tolerance,i know i would have fund a justifull (my justic) solution,id make her run as fast as she can from there! How? With rage and creativity,u are doing the right thing for yourself,in my way u might get in trublle with the law,and we wouldent want that to happened,i wouldent be able to control myself,good luck with that.