Still a Student...

Er...I'm not yet a professional landscape architect but I aspire to be one. Well, at least to be a good designer.

I'm taking this course though....honestly...I just want to ask a few questions....about the career path for this field. Do you guys have any info or any experience at all??

You know what? I've been on this course for one year lecturers have been telling me that you're only competing with yourself--that you'll not be compared to others but yourself. That's completely bullshit right?'s all a competition in this field.

Is it really like the working world out there--having people stealing your ideas...friends making use of you to get to the top position in class...lecturers spending more time with the top second chances for late submission...or if you came late on your presentation it really that harsh?

Syaz Syaz
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2007