Jack-mormon Problems.

I think of myself as a Jewish Mormon; Jewish tradition mixed in with the Mormon religion. But ever since I got old enough to leave home, I've stopped going to church. I don't know why - maybe it's the tediousness of sitting still in a building for three hours. It hasn't stopped my belief in any way shape or form, or stopped the growth of my testimony. I do have my troubles, but I'd like to think I'm working my way through them with Heavenly Father's help. The other kicker is that my boss is the branch clerk where I am living now. He knows I am a member, and he knows I don't go to church (it's a branch of 40 people - micro chapel and everything). What I so casually wonder is why he hasn't bothered to fellowship me yet.
Anyways...I'm almost finished with my college stint and have little to no clue as to what I will be doing with myself afterward. I was thinking about trying to send in my mission papers, but I don't think they'll let me go, be it known I haven't been to church in such a long time. Oh well. I can always blame it on the ever-present Christian holier-than-thou thing, I guess.
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I hope that as graduation approaches you might gain some understanding into what your next step will be (more school, career, etc). Of course, as we're Latter-day Saints, we're encouraged to seek out the Lord's counsel once we've sought what we want for ourselves, so I hope you are able to make progress in that! Best wishes.
Also, I just want to add, many people don't feel comfortable mixing those social spheres, such as your boss/ward clerk. They might feel as if they're misusing their position or they may disagree with the idea that the only way to be a friend is to try to get an inactive/less active back to church. My father was inactive for a good amount of his life, and one of the greatest influences in his life was his coworker, a long time member, who never said a word about church, but led his life, led a righteous life. If you wonder why he hasn't fellowshipped you, you might seek him out yourself! Building up a small branch can be some of the most rewarding work ever.

You have to remember that every LDS member is human as well. The "holier than thou" attituted is something they will have to work through, it is a pride that is standing in their way. Trust me I know what you mean by that way of thinking. It's hard to be around but that isn't why you're at church or even a member of the church. You have to find your own personal reason to go. I go because it is a constant for me. My life is ever changing but the miracle of the church is that the truths never change no matter where you go. Pray for guidence and peace and it will come.