Is Not Easy to Believe This....

My project has to do with bring you and the enviroment great relief from high cost and polluting fossil fuel. 

A company with twenty years of research brings you the proven technology is here to give you from double to up to 9 times your mileage per gallon, and eliminate pollution....  give you more power and clean your engine!!!... but the dominating industry is been give us a hard time they wouldn't let this out but we've joined forces.... and for them it too late now, it's on sale now, too bad for them, it took 15 yrs to overcome them!!! I wish it would have been just a wrestling match i would have won a long time ago!!! I am defeated!!!
mancaringlove mancaringlove
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1 Response Jul 4, 2007

Well that right there ought to tell ya the Gov't. won't let this fuel be accessable to consumers! Goodness forbid we should cut costs, and save the environment! ;)