Logical, Analytical, Rational & objective

Those are some of the words often used to describe someone who's left hemisphere of their brain is more dominant than the right. If genetics has anything to do with it, I would have to say this tendency I inherited from my dad.

Left brain people usually have strong verbal skills and are detail oriented. Anyone who knows me would agree these are skills I possess.

I have a job that relies heavily on these skills, particularly the analytical and my attention to detail.

I have taken those tests that are suppose to indicate which brain hemisphere is dominant, and while they do show a slight preference for the left side, they are usually quite balanced. This surprises me to some degree, as I don't think of myself as particularly creative and I don't possess any artistic ability. I can put things together that look good, i.e. furniture & accessories in a room or clothes for an outfit, but if you ask me to draw someone it will most likely be a stick figure

Left brain thinkers read the instruction manual before putting that bike together, right brainers just dive right in.

Left brainers are observers, right brainers like to be right in the middle of the action.

It is good that the world has both right and left brain thinkers, it makes thinks more interesting.


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5 Responses Jul 14, 2007

Yes the combination of right and left brain thinkers in the world makes a better world, the problem starts when a society leans to heavily with just one type of thinker.

left brainers are more detail oriented.

Note: Actually we right brainers are the best observers...we see the whole picture much better, whether there is action or not.

The reason left brainers prefer to read the instruction manual before putting a bike together is cuz they can't do it well without the manual....Where as us right brain thinkers can just picture it....then do it according to what we see...no manual is necessary most of the time.

It's interesting also, when considering both the psychoanyletical and politcal ramifications, that right brained people tend towards the left, politically, and left brained generally<br />
tend twards the right ,politically.<br />
This is a generalization, and there are always exceptions to the rule.