18 And Alone

I have been for years looking for someone to hang out with that is close to me. I don't need sex, or any of that jazz, I just want someone I can go out to the mall with dressed and just have fun being ourselves. All the CD's, TG's etc I meet are always so far away :/. It is really frustrating, if there is anyone out there that runs into the same problem, lets come together and see if we can pair up some people who are also lonely and need some extra support / inspiration to be who they are. I know when I was younger I could of really used someone to be myself with.. I am near Reading, PA, if anyone else is around here this is a shout out for you! Post your age/city and see if any of us are close to each other...
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Would so enjoy just dressing with others. Talking about dressing and experiences. Then go from there

Ann Arbor MI!

i'm right there with ya, unfortunately i'm all the way out in colorado, but if i were closer I'd definitely send ya a message.

I understand how you're feeling. I've met lots of really nice transgender/CD'ers on EP, but no one close enough to actually spend time with. I live in NY for school but my family lives in PA, maybe next time I visit them we could hangout or something :P good luck with your search!

I love NY and next time you come down we must def hang out! You would be the first CD I ever hung with :))

lol Good for you:D < I mean it, unlike everyone I've met that says it. I'm glad you're not confused about if this is not normal, but not it's this annoying thing. You don't need people, it's better in the sense that it's more fun but if you think about it they are just like family, they are needed for so many things but you can be a robot and still be there. And only the so called fun people are like that, are you only of the so called fun people? If you are then good for you if your not then be a leader of the dull looking for entertainment. This wasn't a rant this was what I think and not what you think and my thoughts on things change sometimes, like if I re read this. It feels confusing but I still agree.

Thank you valley :) Yea I am one of those fun people, I like to enjoy life for what it is before anything else.... I didnt really go out and explore myself yet though.. this saddens me :(

I go to pa alot we could meet up

Message me when you do :)

hey message me i am looking for the same thing <3

Are you In PA??

Hey I'm all for someone hanging with and dressing I'm really looking for someone to hang out with in Utah

Man your on the other side of the states! but hey, good luck and keep trying! spread the word of this page and maybe we can get enough people together and match some new friends up!

I'm 18 and iv'e been dressing for quite some time and iv'e been looking for other understanding down to earth crossdressers. would love to chat , i don't think i live close to you but message me if your interested in chatting some time!

this is wonderful, I know the feeling. take heart and do what you will, it's tough, but enjoy what you like! it's fleeting, so bask in your girliness!

Good luck sweetie

Thank you, only time will tell lol