Looking For Others Like Myself!

Not sure about alot of you, but i don't dress as a fetish or sexual thing. i do it because i feel more like myself when i'm a girl. iv'e been thinking of going to gender therapy when i go to college/ university. i'm sure there's others out there that feel the same way as me. so if your out there please message me! so far iv'e been alone while dealing with all of this and having this feeling and dealing with it alone is awful i know from experience. let's help eachother out!
This was also posted in the "other" crossdressing group. just thought i would also post it here.
Krystalcox Krystalcox
2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I'm glad there are others who view this as more than just a sexual fetish. I'm not putting down anyone who does, but for me personally, its about feeling like I was born the wrong gender as opposed to just feeling aroused in women's clothing. Everytime I post on certain forums looking for people like me living near or around me, 85% of the replies I get are from creepy old men who just want me to dress up for their amusement. No thank you. -_-

Yes, there are others out there.. its to bad though that we are spread out far and wide :( But we have to keep our head up because we are able to take the world in as it comes. Being an outcast of what "normal" society thinks, but thats ok because I don't like the judgment of normal, I like being weird. It just sucks cause no one else around me is like this...