Being A Sissy Girl

being at university means i get to spend every moment alone in my maid outfit or at least in my lingerie as there are no parents around. but truth be told i want my girlfriend to accept me as this and **** me in the *** til i ***, or failing that a man to give me his **** to satisfy me cravings in my tight sissy *****
jasmine1993 jasmine1993
18-21, T
4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Pls send me a pics of that cute juicy ***** you have..

Hi sweety,,I'm in university and really crave for sex..i need what you have...I have the **** you are dreaming'll *** and beg me for more..I'd like to get down on your *****..

please do. im so in need of a good ******* right now

count me in

awesome! what uni you go to darling????????

Wow, baby I could be far from you..Am in Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea.

ouch i wish you were nearer :(

True..just cant imagine how hot you can be for a night..:)

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