Friends Sisters

I have a lot of friends with sisters. So when ever I get invited to one of my friends houses I try on their sisters cloths. My friend Matthew has a really pretty younger sister name Natalie. Once when I was watching tv in the basement with Matthew and Natalie. I finally decided to do it. I excused myself and went up stair. I ran into Natalie's room and locked the door the door. I opened her dresser and riffled through her pantie till I found a cute pair of leopard skin panties and a pink brand push up bra. I but the on and they fit perfectly. I walked over to the closet and started looking for a cute dress. I found a cute purple tube top and a pair of jean shorts. I put them on and I looked so beautiful.

I also have tried on my friends michaels sisters cloths too. Her name is Melina and she is just gorgeous. I tried on all of her swimsuits and bikinis. I expetially like the red two piece. I also tried on this beautiful red dress she had and It looked so good on me. I almost kept it
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I've stolen many outfits from friends and their sisters that way

I can so remember stealing clothes from friends sisters and girls I knew

Fabulous sweetie

I bet you are the same cup size as some

love the story, btw!

I did that once when I was a teen, I had her panties in my pocket to keep, but I got nervous and guilty so I put them back, luckily, as her brother, my friend, walked in to the bathroom next to her room, wondering where I got lost to, also lucky it was a HUGE house you could get easily lost in, so I had enough cover. 2 minutes earlier and he would have caught me pink handed (they were pink athletic panties), and that would have been very bad, as they were a prominent family in town! but a thrilling memory...