Leo Born In The Year Of The Tiger...

You could say that I am "doubly catty"  but that would be FAR from the truth. I really don't even like cats very much yet I am a LEO born in the Year of the TIger; you would think that I would like them or at least relate to them in some way but I am truly a "dog person" instead.

As far as Sun Signs go; I am a LEO in appearance but much more earthy and airy than that in my astrology as a whole. I think that I am perceived as being a lioness MUCH MORE than I feel or act upon it. Sun signs are fun and I find that we can actually LOOK like a lion/lioness as we get older. The other Leos that I know; all have a regal appearance about them. I feel that I look more "lion-like" as I age; my large deep green eyes and high cheekbones add to the look. I am a LEO and I could not hide that "fact" if I wanted to.
Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
46-50, F
Jun 8, 2012