Like Omg! :d

ok so my best friend is a Leo but she moved away to PA, and i have been a bit sad snce.
But i have good news now, i work on a horse farm to kind of get away from sitting here at my dam PC all day... and i met a girl shes a Leo as well :D
she has a boyfriend but thats ok, im just looking for a really good quality friend you know.
we have not chilled yeat but in 2 days (tuesday) we should be chilling i cant wait it should be a lot of fun im so excited, me and my BFF who lives in PA now when us Leos chilled there was never a dull moment. we would come up with things to do, even if it was tossing a ball in the yard :3
maby if i can show this girl how wonderful i really am.... u never know she may go single then i would have my chance or i could meet someone thro her someday.

Not every story here has to be a sad lonly one.

This is my sucess story, Woodzy :D
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Leos, ladies and gentleman. The lion hearted romantics. : ) And very cool you work on a horse farm!