Well I'll Be...

"Leos are warm of spirit, eager for action and are driven by a desire to be loved for what you bring to others. Leo are a magnanimous leader and a faithful servant. Once scorned in love, however, Leo will withdraw your affections and the light, once brilliant, can go cold."

this explains EVERYTHING! lol really though, i never thought about how much being a leo is apart of me, until this point in my life...but good grief, the above depicts exactly what i'm feeling inside of me to the tee! i should write this out and give it to people...here i'll be your friend, but only if you sign the above waiver...love me adore me praise me make me your light and i'll be your best friend..ps thanks for the milk!

have any of the female Leo's been with a virgo man? my husbands bday is a year and a week after mine...just wondering
browneyeblues browneyeblues
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Yes I'm in a relationship with one now.

What's his personality like?

Very self-disciplined and logical. He\'s in academia and is highly intellectual so there\'s never a loss of things to talk about. At times he can tend to be too critical and I\'m sure I have my faults as well, but with a lot of work on communication (and even more work on the communication itself) there has been great progress and of course some work remains. Not really all that flashy or into trends. When bored he likes to start little nonsensical arguments (poking with a stick more or less) and then get offended saying he can\'t joke with me. I\'ve found that this is really just him wanting some kind of attention, and sometimes also testing my wits. He tends to shut down and hide emotions but I\'ve pulled him out of that in very significant ways. He has opened up a lot and I\'m content. True enough he has his quirks and can be a handful but that makes me competitive and sharp. I\'ve found my ways of analyzing how he operates and so on and so forth.

Does any of this sound familiar in any way?