Pretty Much to a T

Yea I'm a Leo, and after hanging with me for more than a few days most people could guess. I'm open to listen, but I have strict opinions and a morality code so narrow I sometimes have a hard time following it.

I typically do come off as pompous and headstrong, but I hate leadership. I mean, I've been a leader before, but unless I have to be, I have no problem passing that responsibility on to someone else and then I focus on what I feel I'm best at.

I'm generally caring and generous, but I have a short limit on that; I'll help you help yourself, and coming to me for the fifth time in a year sobbing that you can't pay such-and-such bill will get you nowhere with me.

I bask whenever I am in the spotlight, but typically I don't mind being the wallflower watching as events pass me by; except to my mate, I feel I should always be in her spotlight, because she's always in mine.

So like most astrology-type stuff, it's iffy but it fits enough *shrug*.

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31-35, M
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