I was born on July 23. People always say I'm not like a Leo because I'm not "egotistical" and others say I am because I'm "goal-oriented and seek to meet others expectations".. I'm not really sure what a "Leo" is considered but at the end of the day, a person is who they are because they want to be that. Not because of a sign. But hey, if it just so happens that I'm a lot like this sign, then I'm proud to be a Leo.
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4 Responses Aug 15, 2014

I'm July 24, but we are still similar. Im not egoistical and blunt, I have a Cancer side to tone down my fiery Leo side.

I think July 23rd is a great day cause it's my birthday too :D

omg me tooo! I was born on july 23rd. I'm also fairly shy for a leo so I totally understand

Like!!! omg!!! like!!! me too 😜😜😜

I'm a Leo too