I Am a Leo / Virgo Cusp?!?

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So I'll paraphrase.

Individuals born on the cusp of Leo (the fifth Sign of the Zodiac) and Virgo (the sixth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both the Sun and the Planet Mercury. The attributes of these two combined Signs result in a good-natured disposition and natives who are inclined to take life easy, being well-satisfied with both themselves and their station in life. These cuspians make for good neighbors who would never dream of meddling in the affairs of others. Usually highly intelligent, Leo/Virgo subjects are methodical and inclined to be hard-workers. Indeed, this particular cusp combination has produced some exceedingly successful physicians and teachers.

Here, there is an interesting blend of the introvert and the extrovert...a mix of the practical and earthy qualities afforded by Virgo coupled with the more intuitive and fiery traits of Leo. The end result is often a quietly inspired individual who keeps his or her light within. Some of these cuspians emit a muted or even nondescript first impression which often conceals a far more flamboyant tendency.

Leo/Virgo natives born into unremarkable surroundings...or at the bottom of the social ladder...can sometimes be late starters in the struggle to move up in the world. Even when such ascension is initiated, it is only through tremendous tenacity and willpower that they can maintain momentum. Indeed, it is not unusual for these cuspians to succumb to their worst fear...a life of boredom and mediocrity.

It should be noted that there is a danger here for Leo/Virgo cuspians to alternately use concealment and revelation as a weapon or ploy to get their own way and they need to realize the childishness and non-productivity of such games.

The greatest strength of Leo/Virgo cuspians is probably to be found in their creativity, attention to detail and inherent desire to be of service. They will pick up on the "little things" that others most likely miss, and thoughtful gifts or unique solutions to problems are second nature to those who fall under the influence of this cusp combination. In addition, the committment of these natives to help others makes them one of the most giving characters to be found in the Zodiac.

-- Possess the fiery, energetic and aggresive traits inherent in Leo --
-- Possess the rational and meticulous traits inherent in Virgo --
-- Tend to be highly secretive --
-- Able to accurately determine the right time to do something --
-- Experts at the art of effect --
-- More discriminating than most individuals --
-- Less overtly sensual than most individuals --
-- Reluctant to allow others to share in personal feelings --




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i was born 8/24/81


I am on the cusp too!

This is so me :) I was born on August 23rd

I'm on the other side (Leo-Cancer), any interpretation?

Hello there, Leo-Virgo cuspian! I am also a Leo-Virgo Cuspian. <br />
If you do not mind sharing, what year were you born? Are you a Chinese wood rat too?