I Am Leo

I am leo,

I am the sun,

Positive, fire, and lion,

I have beautiful naturals,

Gold, ruby, and peridot,

I am dominent, subborn,

And creative.

I was born to lead,

am possesive,

And not easily daunted.

Who is my match?

Impulsive Aries,

The adaptable Gemini,

Or the firey duo,

Of another leo?

Perhaps sympathetic Libra,

Or the independent Aquarious?

I am leo.

JenerationExotic JenerationExotic
13-15, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

go leos WOOT!

i am a leo with a virgo partner and so far we've been together 3 years - still in love with each other!

virgo is the 6th sign and the symbol is the virgin... http://www.elore.com/Astrology/Study/virgo.htm ...thats where i obtained all my info about the signs. hope all goes well with you and your virgo!